1. Nele_K

    I didn’t get the comparison between the analogue and the digital clock?What does it has to do with the other part of the story? And which words were solved?

  2. 5/30/2017

    Thank you for your questions! The analogy of the clock is one key to how my story tries to think differently about time, not in terms of a linear progression but a circular complex, the „reassurance of the circle“ as it says in the passage you are referring to – if that helps answer your question. This in itself is a clue about the very demand of the reader that in a story, one passage should ‚have to do with‘ another; my story thus tries to deny full comprehension as to what happens first in the story, and what last, as the subtitle suggests. The story does not have to be read in order because there is no order – I would not know myself where it began or where it started, only I know that it is peculiar enough that I of course had to write it in a particular order. I am not sure about the last part of your question?

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