Be my club, I’ll be your member

I want to drink you
from an expensive glass
pour you
from an expensive bottle
taste you
with an expensive gesture
feel you run down my throat.

I want to smoke you
like a cigarette after dinner
shake off your ashes
to keep alive your embers
take a draw from you
fill my lungs with you
blow you out as smoke
just so I can breathe more of you.

I want to let you shine on me
like the rays of sun that break through in spring
a nice, early spring moment, when the birds are yet to chirp
when the crocus is yet to bloom
when the ice is yet to melt
I want to let you shine on me
like you’re shining for the first time
be the first ray of your light that which shines on me.

I want you to be exclusive
like a club membership
be my club
I’ll be your only member.
I want you to be difficult, too
be complicated to me
be as impossible as the way out of a check mate.

But I want it to be simple, too!
For most of all
I want you,
and I want you
to be you,
to me,

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