In the corners of our eyes

Weren’t we supposed
to hide in the darknesses of those moments
shades of trees, shadows from the future
mere silhouettes, now no longer discernible.

Weren’t we allowed
to finally make one or the other suggestion
some word, some look, some twitch
mere gestures, now no longer asked for.

Weren’t we welcomed
in the arms of our ancestors-to-be
our former successors and predecessors yet to come
mere figures, now no longer calling.

Weren’t we held
back before those edges, those tapered cliffs
raw rock, crumbling with every our step
mere gravity, now no longer pulling.

Weren’t we so prudent, so ever prudent,
so reluctant and hesitant, so fine-tuned
to the sensitivities of all the others?
Hadn’t we hidden something from them all,

in the corners of our eyes?
in the warmth of our palms?
in every single motion
before us and at our feet?

The say yes, you were, and they know
that we will have felt determined yet free,
that we will have held the keys to what binds us.

We breathe supposition and allowance
and have convinced freedom
of believing it were where it isn’t.

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5 Kommentare

  1. Nele_K
    Juni 26

    I don’t know exactly what’s the difference between determination and destiny, but every human being has a free will. If you really want something and have faith in yourself, you can be what you always wanted to be. And you also need to be fearless of what other people might think of it, otherwise you can never succeed.

  2. Juni 28

    I’m curious to hear why you are convinced that every human being had a free will. And what would it mean to succeed?

  3. Nele_K
    Juli 6

    Why I am convinced that every human being has a free will? Isn´t it obvious? We always have the free will to choose between several possibilities – the oppurtunity we feel is right or is good for us. So we are free in our own will, BUT most of the times we´re afraid of others. We are so much influenced by our environment and constantly terrified of what others might think of our decisions. So we convince ourselves that we actually have no free will, which is not the case. What would it mean to succeed? In every way possible a human being wants to succeed in his or her life…Or what do you mean?

  4. Juli 11

    I see what you mean. I was wondering what you mean by success because in your earlier comment you said one could never succeed if one wasn’t fearless of what other people might think; but does that mean that success is equal to never restraining your free will? And regarding your answer to the first question, I don’t think I can agree with you just like that. Your argument is not logical: Because we have free will we’re free in our will? Brushing over millennia of philosophical debate in a blurred gesture just like that doesn’t seem very convincing. But don’t mistake my critique for a rejection of the idea of free will altogether: I am much rather just looking for a more robust argument, as I find it difficult to find one myself.

  5. Nele_K
    Juli 12

    You´re right. That wasn´t a strong argument to prove my point. However, I do meant that you have to be fearless in order to succeed referring to your verse „that we will have held the keys to what binds us“. So ,we‘ knew or at least were concious of what they were holding on. Their will wasn´t strong enough in order to succeed. I thought of a couple or some kind of affection between people. But it could also be something entirely different. If success is equal to never restraining your free will? Maybe it´s not. But what is then your will? Something you want or what you think is right? Otherwise, how can someone succeed when you don´t know what is right or you actually want in life?

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